Pedagogical Collaboration

ReCognition is now offering Pedagogical Collaboration as a learning opportunity for programs in a variety of formats with an emphasis on contemporary pedagogical practices in early childhood education.

Kathy engages with groups of educators in individual programs to support pedagogical approaches that honour their interests and research as a team.

Using pedagogical tools and modelling for staff how they can grow into their practice with facilitated conversations, studies of their own work and provocations with ideas, stories, examples, and hands on experiences, Kathy helps to build capacity within an organization. Educator engagement is a focus with hands on experiences that are meaningful and applicable to their daily work.

Kathy has supported educators for over 22 years in the early years profession, and has provided pedagogical support to licensed child care programs, licensed home child care agencies, EarlyOn Centres for Families and Children, and groups of educators in communities locally and globally.

See our current offerings guide here: Pedagogical Collaboration for 2019 and 2020

Pedagogical Collaborating ($45 per hour no minimum)
One on one with administrative staff and pedagogical leaders
It can be helpful to dialogue and gain support on what specific resources and strategies to grow and to support change in pedagogy within your program. This is personally tailored to your needs and interests. Consulting with program leadership is offered in developing pedagogical practices with educators and in reflecting on ways of thinking that move your team into meaningful ways of working.

Program Support for Pedagogical Growth (on a part time basis $45 per hour)
Side by side mentoring is offered directly with staff and pedagogical leaders on a part time, hourly basis as needed, with no time commitment.

Professional Learning Groups with Article, Book and Video studies ($125-$175)
A pre-selected topic by the team, with an article, book or video that demonstrates or provokes conversations around excellence and quality. (one hour- one hour 15 minutes)

Pedagogical Dialogue through Collaborative Inquiry
(various prices depending on length of time, suggested time frame to meet monthly for one
and a half hours over a 10 month period)
This is a commitment by an education community to focus closely on an aspect of learningand teaching as a team. You will be supported and offered pedagogical tools that will develop your team’s research and be provided with a learning framework that will move you in a direction of study, together, as a group.

“In the workshops she provides or facilitates, her belief in reflective approaches to learning helps you, the participant, experience knowledge building as an emergent process. In these workshops, Kathy provides the time, sets the tone (materials and environment are carefully organized) and commits to creating opportunities for reflection and knowledge building. As participants, we get to share our collective wisdom, reflect on our practices and build professional relationships. In her commitment to relational pedagogy, Kathy Boelsma provides
the conditions that support continuous learning by educators who, in turn, nurture it in children.”
Dominique Leger, Quality Coordinator, United Counties of Prescott Russell

“Any person who has a deep understanding of early learning and development may take on the role of the pedagogical leader. These individuals see themselves as partners, facilitators, observers and co-learners along side educators, children and families. Most importantly, pedagogical leaders challenge others to see themselves as researchers in the teaching and learning process. In turn, this practice builds a culture of reflective teaching that helps us to sort through the complexities of our work.”

Lorrie Baird and Anne Marie Coughlin, Pedagogical Leadership Essay in Think Feel Act Research Briefs

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