ReCognition is about rethinking professional learning experiences for educators that are inspirational, experiential, and create new meanings for our ways of being in our work and lives.

We believe in  creating experiences where educators are inspired, touched in a meaningful way that challenges them to think deeper, to seek to provide authentic experiences and value children’s ideas in their work.

We believe in this learning approach for children and adults alike, experiences that spark our curiosity and don’t dull us to the beauty and intricacy of life. We want to be able to promote this idea and provide learning experiences that inspire and educate with pleasure, deep thinking in our surface level, shallow, fast paced type of culture.

We believe in collaboration of different perspectives to expand our thinking. Many of our projects and experiences are based on having different professions exploring together.  We have invited graphic designers, artists, authors and others into spaces of dialogue with those who think with children. Unexpected ideas arise and we meet up with new possibilities for our work.

We are exploring how to understand connections with artistic processes and digital languages that transform our thinking.  transformed thinking and We recognize the value of having many perspectives through this work.

At ReCognition, we wish to promote the idea of slow thinking,  beautiful places to meet in, time for conversation, relationships, belonging to a community of learners, and a sense of place that makes you feel rooted in the richness of what we have here in the lands, places and virtual spaces that we work.

As a group of people we can create learning communities and richer experiences with everyone’s ideas and then share with each other.

We are creating spaces like in person Thinking Studios, Thinking Studios Online, Atelier Experiences (in person), The Learn Atelier, opportunities for you to mess about and learn about different ideas with a playful environment that has focus on exploring and understanding the world through artistic research.  We also offer,  Pedagogical Collaboration, as a way to engage deeply over time and with specific ideas and questions from a group of educators.

If some of these ideas are what you are thinking about too, then join us. We are ready to engage and learn with you. Check out the Learning Spaces here.