Knowing Who

Getting to know Kathy

Kathy is a Registered Early Childhood Educator from Ontario, Canada. She currently works part time, at a Reggio Inspired Forest and Nature school, Blueberry Creek Forest and Nature Centre, and explores ideas related to children connecting to and in nature.  She is a  Forest and Nature School Practitioner trained by Forest School Canada and is studying the ways in which children connect to nature through artistic processes and how that transforms their thinking.

While studying the arts through the completion of her Creative Arts Certificate from Algonquin College, Kathy has been exploring creative expressions with textiles, photography, colour theory, mixed media and multiple art mediums, to expand on her abilities to support children, educators and families in growing into a relationship with these forms of expression.

Kathy has also completed her Emergent Curriculum Certificate, from the Ontario Reggio Association, and is working to promote these ideas with educators she meets up with.

With her intensive study tour in  (March 2018) to Reggio Emilia, Italy, Kathy continues to study and learn about aspects of pedagogical documentation along with Reggio inspired approaches to early learning education in an Ontario context.

Kathy is currently studying with, Tizianna Filippini, a pedagogista from Reggio Emilia, in a 7 month study on “The morning assembly”, this in depth dialogue supports an intentional approach to how our pedagogical approaches are reflected in each part of our day…with a focus on the topic of the morning assembly.

Kathy started ReCognition, as a place to engage with educators in individual programs to support pedagogical approaches that honour their interests and research as a team, while using pedagogical tools and modelling for staff how they can grow into their practice with facilitated conversations, studies of their own work and provocations with ideas, stories, examples, and hands on experiences.

Kathy, as a pedagogical collaborator, supports a co-construction of learning with each other.

” I am a designer of learning spaces for educators who see the potential for more meaningful ways of being with children, in our programs and contexts.”

Kathy also hosts Big Ideas, which are spaces of thinking by a known contributor in early childhood education, Thinking Studios in person, as a learning space for educators and parents from many different settings, and now launching Thinking Studios Online that include learning dialogues to engage with educators and parents, in our common passion to explore learning and thinking.

Previous to this work, Kathy worked in the areas of literacy and professional learning in her role as Early Literacy Specialist in Lanark County (2002-2017) and as a Children’s Librarian at her local public library (1990-2002)

Kathy continues to be a curious learner and strives to offer learning experiences with herself and others, that promote generative thinking in professional learning, developing creativity in herself and others, and valuing curiosity as a disposition.