Seeing Creativity: The Role of the Educator and Documentation

Seeing Creativity: The Role of the Educator and Documentation

Our ability to see creativity and make children’s theories visible is where we develop our skills of being able to listen in a deeper way with children. Through the study of documentation, we will see how others have connected ideas of creativity, exploration of the hundred languages and an increased understanding of how the Atelier supports researching the world through artistic processes. We will create a piece of documentation with a lens of learning and relationship within the group and study what we have created to help us expand our thinking into new ways of viewing learning and creativity and how we make that visible to others.


HDLH References:

“invites educators to consider a more complex view of children and the contexts in which they learn and make sense of the world around them. This thinking may require, for some, a shift in mindsets and habits. It may prompt a rethinking of theories and practices-a change in what we pay attention to:” (p. 17)

“The Educator: They observe and listen to learn how children make meaning through their experiences in the world around them.”(p. 19)

“Pedagogical Documentation: Moving beyond simply and objective reporting of children’s behaviour, pedagogical documentation helps to find meaning in what children do and what they experience. “(p. 21)

“ a way to value children’s experiences and include their perspective.” (p. 21)

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