Reflective Practice and Questioning with Curiosity for Lifelong Learning

Join us as we cultivate a way of relating to each other and our work, through the exchange of ideas and guided discussions related to our values and how we approach learning with children. We each bring our own interpretation to our programs and we can learn authentic ways to question ourselves, our practice and even our colleagues, with a sense of trust and genuine curiosity. This introduction to reflective practice as a foundational practice of an RECE, leads us into communication, listening, giving value to others ideas, and risk taking in conversation along with examining mistakes for new learning. A deep sense of listening, strategies for communication and pedagogical supports for developing your own Community of Practice will be shared.

Supports the Pedagogical Approach of Reflective Practice and Responsive Relationships

CECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice July 2017:

Standard I Caring and Responsive Relationships

Standard IV: Professionalism and Leadership