Pedagogical Documentation-An Introduction

Pedagogical Documentation-An Introduction

Join us as we delve into the ideas surrounding Pedagogical Documentation…this is a space created for you to dialogue and as we engage in this idea, where do you see yourself? How can you move forward?

This introduction will give us a time to think about the kinds of documentation needed in our contexts, what types there are, how it is part of the cycle of inquiry and ways of actually doing it. How do we overcome the challenges of recording observations and how to select what to document? This complex process needs time to grow into and reflection with other educators. Let’s share our learning about this topic….

Supports the Foundation of Engagement, Expression and Belonging

CECE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice July 2017:

Standard I Caring and Responsive Relationships

Standard II Curriculum and Pedagogy

Standard III Safety, Health and Well-Being in the Learning Environment

Two hours

“Kathy Boelsma is a delight to work with in her enthusiastic desire to offer stimulating encounters for educators from early learning settings in Lanark County and surrounding areas. It is clear her motivation is to provide places where ideas from research and practice may be exchanged in an effort to support educators, children, and families in their relationships. “
Ellen Brown, BA, BEd, MEd, OCT,RECE PhD student, York University
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